Dharma or Religious Principles: Definition of Dharma

                                                                  Q. Your answer in Digest 245A is convincing when it comes to material fears. But I would like to know the following:

                                                                  1. In my school and home, I was taught not to sin and that God punishes those who sin. Can you kindly define "sin"?

                                                                  Q: While reading Srimad Bhagavatam, there are mentions of Sati process, wherein the queen offers herself to self-immolate along with her dead husband. It was presented as a noble ritual of the Kshatriyas living in Dvapara Yuga. If I contemplate that act with both our modern philosophy and/or Krsna consciousness, I have a couple of conclusions which create certain unclarity. Obviously, from our history books at school, we know that Sati was discouraged by the British and that it is inhumane to expect a lady to immolate herself at her husband's pyre. On a normal humanitarian grounds, this makes perfect sense. From a KC point of view, we understand that each soul is different and independent from the other.