Vedas: Vedas and Modern Science

                                                                  Q. When I read articles on present day scientists saying there is life on Mars or human beings trying to land on moon, how do I relate that to material worlds described in Vedas?

                                                                  Q. I read somewhere that Sun is the only material object that is self- illuminating in material world. But present day science says that all stars that we see in the sky are all self-illuminating and they are some times more powerful than the Sun in our solar system. Can you please give some insight on how planets are situated according to Vedic description?

                                                                  Q. When we look at the sky at night do we see the moon or some other planet like Rahu?

                                                                  Q. 1. According to theory of evolution by Darwin living entity adapts itself to the environment in which it lives. (eg zebra turning into giraffe by elongating its neck). Logically its perfectly right.
                                                                  Response: Darwin's theory says for scarcity of food on the ground, the giraffes had to extend their necks to get food from tree tops. But deer, antelopes and other herbivores were eating from ground anyways. So is it logically perfectly right to say that zebra had to become a giraffe?

                                                                  Q. In the text below from SB 8.9.38, how is it possible that the blood in the battle field can go up to sun?

                                                                  SB 8.9.38
                                                                  Fighting between demons and demigods after mohini murti cheats demons


                                                                  Q. There seems to be archaelogical proof of a civilization during Lord Krishna's time (about 5 thousand years ago) in India. But if you calculate back to Treta-yuga when Lord Rama was on the earth (earliest would be 2 x 432 thousand = 864 thousand years ago), archaelogicalists or the concept of human evolution says that at a couple million years ago there was not human-like skulls on the earth (only a degenerated homo-species).