Lord Chaitanya: Achintya-bheda-abheda-tattva

                                                                  Q. We are taught to accept Guru as he represents the disciplic line. I've read and heard that guru always speaks without deviation from the previous Acharya in the line. I was wondering about the difference between Sri Madhvacharya and Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Specifically as it pertains to our line, and the question of authenticity.

                                                                  Q. If we see a difference between the principal avatars, isn't this considered an offense?

                                                                  There is no offense in considering these transcendental distinctions between the different features of the One Supreme Lord, in the light of scriptures, as long as there is no intended disregard, mundane judgment or putting down of particular feature of the Lord or His devotees. The essence of Lord Caitanya's teachings is to appreciate the simultaneous oneness and difference in these transcendental varieties.

                                                                  Q. Did Caitanya Mahaprabhu also accept that Madhvacarya was Jagat guru or did he disregard that fact because as He is the incarnation of God, He can do anything. Why don't you celebrate Madhva Navami when even Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Himself claimed Himself to be a follower of Madhva? I would really appreciate the answers to these Questions.

                                                                  Q. At our temple, we are taught that there is the Paramatma and the jivatma residing in our hearts, simultaneously one and distinct. And BG 13.3 is often quoted to prove this. However I also find many other verses especially in BG Canto 11 which makes me think that Paramatma and jivatma are not really distinct.

                                                                  Q. According to Achintya Bheda Abheda Tattva we are qualitatively one but quantitatively different. At the same time we say Lord Krishna has 64 qualities, Lord Narayana has 60 qualities and Jivas have 55. These two statements seems to be contradictory. If we are qualitatively one, why we don’t we have 64 qualities?

                                                                  These 64 "qualities" are not the qualities that are being referred to in acintya bhedabheda tattva. The qualities being referred to are knowledge and bliss from the sat cit ananda features of both the soul and Krishna.

                                                                  These 64 "qualities" are quite different, in that they are His personal characteristics.