Surrendering to Krishna: Taking Exclusive Shelter

                                                                  Q. Prabhupada told us to "Chant Hare Krishna and Be Happy". I have been chanting the maha mantra since two years and I am following the rules and regulations but I am still very unhappy. I guess that there is a problem somewhere with me. My life is a mess. Krishna gives me too many tests which I can't handle. I have been struggling with my spiritual life and I am tired now. I am helpless.

                                                                  Q. My question is a follow up to an answer in this last digest: "Krishna promises to forgive and deliver all sinful reactions of those who surrender to Him exclusively."

                                                                  Q. I have a "natural" tendancy to be very critical and hence find mistakes/faults in people. Most of the time, I find fault with people at the mental level and not necessarily express it. This habit also extends to devotees. I feel and know I am not supposed to do this. But, like I said, this has become a habit and I am finding it hard to relinquish it.

                                                                  Q. Draupadi is calling the Lord for protection and Prahlada Maharaj was not calling but completely depending on the Lord whether He protects or kills (maro bi rakho bi jo iccha tohar).

                                                                  Which is the higher standard:

                                                                       1) calling the Lord for protection or

                                                                       2) having complete faith that He will protect us always?

                                                                  Please clarify.

                                                                  Q. When we come to spiritual life and understand that we have many bad habits due to being conditioning in the material world for long time, we try to over come the habits by knowledge of shastras, hearing lectures from devotees, by performing service to Vaishnavas and the Lord etc. Some habits are easy to give up, some take little endeavor to overcome and some habits are really very hard to give up. We try our best to overcome these anarthas, but these deeply rooted anarthas seem impossible to overcome. For some time it seems that we have overcome the habits, but after some time they come back to haunt us again and become stumbling block on path of devotion. How do we deal with these kind of Bad Habits or anarthas?