Surrendering to Krishna: Six Processes of Surrender

                                                                  Q. How can I surrender to the Holy Name?

                                                                  The Holy Name is non-different from the Person, Krishna; realization of this fact is very important in order to improve our chanting. Thus, surrendering to Krishna is surrendering to the Holy Name, and visa versa. We can progressively surrender to the Holy Name by placing complete faith in the Holy Name as our only shelter and cultivating the habit of chanting diligently, attentively and in a mood of dependence upon the Lord. Mahaprabhu teaches that one should cultivate humility like that of a blade of grass, become more tolerant than a tree, always offer all respects to others, without expecting any honor in return. (Cf. Sikshashtaka 3)

                                                                  Q. Part 1: Krishna says in BG "Surrender unto me and I'll take all your sins" but sometimes we see a devotee of Krishna also suffers. So please explain how karma affects a devotee (i.e. karma done in previous life, in this life and all future karmas).

                                                                  Complete surrender to Krishna destroys all stages of karma, both a priori and a posteriori, just as Krishna promises. In other words, a fully surrendered devotee is NOT AFFECTED by karma.