Attributes of Krishna: Unlimited Krishna

                                                                  Q. Why is Krishna's body (Krishna) bluish-blackish?

                                                                  We often get these sorts of questions and the answer generally given is "Well, He's God, therefore He can be any color He wants to be." But this isn't so satisfying. With the same logic, the question "Why does Krishna descend to the material world?" could be answered "Well, He's God, therefore He can go anywhere He wants to go." I doubt that answer is going to take us back to Godhead since Krishna gives us the promise that one who understands His appearance and activities will never take birth again. (BG 4.9)

                                                                  Q. Is it limiting, on an absolute level, when one claims an exclusive name/form as being the highest realization of Godhead? In other words, once someone says the highest can only be this, it seems to impart a restriction on God based on the condition of the particular consciousness (of that individual).

                                                                  Q. If Krishna can perform His hearing with His eyes, for example, then what is the purpose of His having eyes and also ears? Do jivas have the same capabilities?

                                                                  Q. What does the action of "knowing God" (Sriman Narayana or Krishna) contain?
                                                                  We referred many time during our discussions that there are many facts in scriptures (e.g. very precise calculations already detailed that modern science is just finding again). Is this part of knowing GOD, or are there many aspects of knowing GOD and this is just one of them? With respect to the meaning of one's life, does knowing God mean something different?

                                                                  Q: I was listening to a Sunday class wherein the speaker said that in the spiritual world, everyone is individually associating with Lord Krishna as servant, friend, parent etc.
                                                                  I was wondering does Krishna expand individually to associate with each and every living entity? For example, there could be millions of living entities in the mood of parent in Goloka. Does Krishna expand himself as a kid in each of the million households? Does he expand for each entity in the other rasas also or he is just one and millions of living entities are crowding to serve him?