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January 16, 2012


Being Present: An individual approached Maharaja to convey a message and Maharaja immediately asked, “Where are your shoes?” The individual was surprised because she was unaware that she did not have her shoes on and was lost in her own world while Maharaja showed by a classic example how to be present all the time!

Tolerant and compassionate: Once when Maharaja was talking to a devotee, a new lady came suddenly and tried to touch Maharaja's lotus feet. Maharaja responded very elegantly to this sudden approach by simply saying 'Hare Krishna.' While it may have been inconvenient for anyone to have someone approach their feet all of a sudden without any indication, Maharaja responded very politely

Long-term plans: On asking Maharaja what his long-term plans were, he immediately replied, “Going back to Godhead.” It was amazing to hear him say this. He is a pure devotee of the Lord and even then by example he showed how one should constantly be eager and aspire to go back to Godhead.