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  • 3 Principles for Success in KC Household Life
November 26, 2010

"Several years ago in Los Angeles, a devotee asked me how long I had been married. When I said twenty-one years, his jaw dropped. "To the same person?" It is perhaps amazing that my wife and I have been married for so long because as in any marriage, we have weathered rough periods. When young devotees ask for a success formula for a Krishna conscious marriage, I usually offer them three principles: view your commitment to the marriage as direct service to your spiritual master, marry someone whose Krishna consciousness you respect, and commit yourself to raising your children in Krishna consciousness. I also warn them that illicit sex corrodes the Krishna conscious foundation of the husband-wife relationship. These principles, along with "no television," Krishna's mercy, and more than a pinch of good luck, have helped me maintain my marriage in Prabhupada's service."

From "My Glorious Master" by Bhurijana Prabhu