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  • "Thank You Very Much"
March 5, 2010

(from "Following Srila Prabhupada" volume 9, by Yadubara Prabhu)

Bahulasva das:  Different people are coming to visit Prabhupada, so everybody is bringing Prabhupada something. So the first person comes in and gives Prabhupada a nice gold Omega watch, a real gold watch. Prabhupada says, “Thank you very much,” puts it on, takes the watch he had on and gives it to whoever was there. Then another person comes in, gives Prabhupada a gold Rolex watch that must have been at least thirty-five hundred bucks. So he takes off the gold Omega, gives that away to somebody, puts the gold Rolex watch on, “Thank you very much.” Then another person comes in and
gives Prabhupada a Seiko, the cheapest of all three of them, maybe it was a hundred dollar watch. Prabhupada says, “Oh,” takes the gold Rolex, gives that away, puts the Seiko on, “Thank you very much.” You could see Prabhupada was simply accepting on behalf of Krishna. Nothing like, “Oh, wow, save this one for me, put it in my drawer,” nothing like this. Just “Whatever you are giving, I am taking on Krishna’s behalf.” You would see that in Prabhupada all the time. No mundane attachment.