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March 4, 2010

"Just come down, and I will take care of everything else"

Bhavananda das: I had gone to America to form a little collecting party for Mayapur. So in Los Angeles Prabhupada had arrived from somewhere, and he was up in his quarters. Most of the devotees had gone out on chanting, on sankirtan, and I was staying in a room opposite the temple. I was looking out at the temple and at the dusk with the evening star and I was thinking, “Jeez, I’d like to go up and see Prabhupada, but I don’t want to just burst in on him.” And just as I was thinking that, Upendra came walking out of the temple across the street and he looked up and he saw me and he was waving me to come. I opened the window and he said, “Oh, Prabhupada wants to see you.” So I went up to see Prabhupada, and it was very sweet, very quiet. Prabhupada wanted to know about Mayapur, and we were talking about Mayapur. And he was saying how he used to visit the Caitanya Math but it was very difficult for him because when he visited the Caitanya Math, he’d have to stay in the room with all the brahmacaris on a choki bed and he said, “Their noses were always working.” He didn’t like that big group living. He said, “This world is a horrible place, but Lord Krishna said to me, ‘You come down and write those books.’ And I said, ‘Oh, I do not want to go there. It is a horrible place.’ And Lord Krishna said, ‘No, no, you come down and write those books. I will take care of everything.’ And I said, ‘No, no, I do not want to go there,’ but He insisted, ‘You come down and write those books. I will take care of everything.’” So he said, “You just see how Krishna has taken care of everything for me.” And he said, “You know, the Goswamis slept under a different tree every night. So they had their tree, I have my temples. I can stay in a different temple every night. They had their light, I have my light. They were translating their books, I’m translating my books.” That was a great revelation, an extraordinary thing that Prabhupada was saying. And I looked at Upendra and he looked at me and it was just electric, the atmosphere. -- From "Following Srila Prabhupada" volume 9, by Yadubara Prabhu