December 4, 2017

One of the classic principles of time management is to put the big rocks in first. There are big rocks, medium rocks, small rocks, pebbles, and sand. If everything can fit, which goes first? The big rocks go in first and the rest follow, as this allows for everything to have its place. A major feature of time management is making sure we know what the big rocks are. We establish priorities. For a person who wants to be Krishna conscious, their priority is their sadhana, the core upon which everything else rests. Spiritual wellbeing is the core upon which material well being rests.  We dont compromise our spiritual wellbeing. It is the priority. It is the big rock. 

Adapted from a lecture by HH Romapada Swami entitled "Balancing Spiritual and Material Life- Big Rock Goes First" given in Naperville, IL on May 1st, 2017.