Q: In the Temple we are discussing SB Canto 3 which touched on the subject of the world being under one flag. I was shown a flag with Hanuman on it and we were told we will be under one flag again. I don’t understand. Could you explain this to me?

                                                                   In Vedic Culture, each king branded his overall kingdom with a royal insignia, including his chariots marked with a royal flag.
                                                                   Basically, what “one flag” meant was there was one ruler, one culture, a united authority structure. The king, as the head of the government, was responsible to see that none of his subjects, whether animal or man, were unprotected; under an ideal king, citizens feel secure – materially, emotionally and spiritually. It is the duty of King to save, to protect. This was the system of government. Approximately five thousand years ago, the entire planet earth was known as Bharata varsa, during the time when the Pandavas and Maharaj Parkishit ruled.
                                                                   Arjuna’s chariot flag was marked with the form of Hanuman. See BG 1.20 for verification.
                                                                  “The emblem of Hanuman on the flag of Arjuna is another sign of victory because Hanuman cooperated with Lord Rama in the battle between Rama and Ravana, and Lord Rama emerged victorious. Now both Rama and Hanuman were present on the chariot of Arjuna to help him.”