Q: From Science Of Self Realization book, below paragraph convinced me of why we should surrender and go Back to Krishna

                                                                  “The beginning of our present material life cannot be traced, nor is it necessary for us to know how we became conditioned in material existence. We have to be satisfied with the understanding that somehow or other this material life has been going on since time immemorial and now our duty is to surrender unto the Supreme Lord, who is the original cause of all causes”

                                                                  But From BG 8.3  in the last paragraph of the Purport it says

                                                                  “The fragment of God, the living entity, may fall down into the material world, but the Supreme Lord (Achyuta) never falls down.”

                                                                  And From SB 4.29.83      

                                                                  I understand from the Purport that we tried imitating the Supreme and then we are immediately put into this material world to fulfill our Dream .

                                                                  So from both these Purports, it sounds like we are falling down into the Material world even though we are with Krishna in Spiritual world. In all lectures and books the main Point is stressed on how to go back to God head and never coming down again.  But both these purports are contradicting with that statement. Please clarify my point if I misunderstood it.

                                                                  Please refer to Digest 8C and Digest 449