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February 24, 2013

Sri Radha Nila Madhava, ISKCON Houston

Srila Romapada Swami was in Houston from Jan 8 to 13th 2013 for the GBC meetings. As I am reminiscing about his visit and writing this article, it's been 2.5-3 weeks since Maharaja was here and he has already finished GBC meetings, visited a few cities, attended his Vyasa Puja event in Chicago and flown abroad for an International yatra! All for giving out mercy. Mercy from the Supreme Lord coming to us via Srila Prabhupada!

Maharaja very mercifully squeezed out time for one home program in Houston between his meetings and it was a Srimad Bhagavatm installation. Maharaja always communicates the gist of the GBC meetings through his lectures. That night he briefly summarized for us the position of Srila Prabhupada as our "Founder Acharya" as presented by HG Ravindra Swarupa prabhu during GBC meetings. Next, He happily announced that the book distribution had gone up by 28% in 2012 surpassing the goal of 20%! He was urging the devotees to invite HG Vaisesika prabhu so that our enthusiasm and efforts to distribute books may increase manifold. Maharaja very happily glorified his godbrothers, HG Ravindra Swarupa prabhu and HG Vaisesika prabhu.

Maharaja then read from the Srimad Bhagavatam, and spoke about the importance of reading and distributing them. Again, he encouraged the audience to double the distribution of Srimad Bhagavatam sets for the year 2013. The message was clear - distribute books!!