It is said that the mind is the cause of suffering and happiness. The mind absorbed on mundane objects leads to suffering, whereas the same mind engaged in Krishna consciousness leads one to happiness.

"Meditations on Krishna" is an invitation from Srila Romapada Swami to direct our mind's thinking, feeling and willing capacities to various aspects of Krishna consciousness. Each meditation includes some reading material, a short essay based on the material followed by questions, tailored to help us understand and apply the principles of Krishna consciousness.

Spiritual austerities purify mind and senses and elevates our consciousness

Summary: We normally hear of tapasya in terms of physical austerity, like fasting, enduring heat and cold, observing celibacy, or undergoing some extreme physical difficulty. A more complete picture of tapasya is the corollary feature of mental discipline that accompanies the sense control part of tapasya. Life itself is filled with austerities, and spiritual life is no exception. The difference between the two is that spiritual austerities elevate our consciousness and purify both mind and senses, whereas austerities in material life do not have this benefit at all. At best, they make one more determined and more inclined to the mode of goodness; at worst they increase pain, suffering, resentment, anger, etc.