It is said that the mind is the cause of suffering and happiness. The mind absorbed on mundane objects leads to suffering, whereas the same mind engaged in Krishna consciousness leads one to happiness.

"Meditations on Krishna" is an invitation from Srila Romapada Swami to direct our mind's thinking, feeling and willing capacities to various aspects of Krishna consciousness. Each meditation includes some reading material, a short essay based on the material followed by questions, tailored to help us understand and apply the principles of Krishna consciousness.

False gurus "Putana" are slayers of all infants
June 30, 2013

On the side of the banks of the river Ganga was a cliff on which grew a great fig tree. In the hollow of that tree lived a vulture named Jaradgava who, due to misfortune, had no eyes and no claws. Out of pity, the birds residing on that tree used to take out a little portion of their own food and give it to the vulture to keep him alive. Jaradgava lived on that tree and protected the young fledgling birds there.

June 27, 2013

 As the Pandavas made their way from one holy tīrtha to another, they finally came to Badrikashrama in the Himalayan Mountains. It was a very scenic spot that could hardly be described in words.

Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur
January 30, 2013

Question: Srila Bhaktivinode often speaks of samadhi as the only path to actual realization. What is the process or essence of that samadhi? I've not found a direct explanation as yet, in his writings. I'm reminded of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta's explanation quoted by Srila Prabhupada in NOI. (progressive absorption in Nama)

January 8, 2013

Reading Assignment Mahabharata by K.M.Ganguli
Vana Parva, Chapter 231

Vaisampayana said, "After those brahmanas and the illustrious sons of Pandu took their seats, Draupadi and Satyabhama entered the hermitage. With joyful hearts the two ladies laughed merrily and comfortably seated themselves. O king, those ladies, who always spoke sweetly to each other, having met after a long time, began to speak about various delightful topics arising from the histories of the Kurus and the Yadus. In private, the slender-waisted Satyabhama, the favorite wife of Krishna and daughter of Satrajit, asked Draupadi these questions.

Krishna dances on Kaliya
September 20, 2012

SummarySometimes we may feel despondent that our material conditioning is an impediment to our devotional service. Kaliya’s prayer to Lord Krsna gives us inspiration to continue despite whatever our material conditioning might be.

Narada shows mercy to Nalakuvara and Manigriva
August 14, 2012

Reading Assignment

How can one actually see the Lord?  The cause must be found. If one proposes that the Lord's mercy is the first cause, it can only be considered a secondary cause.  That mercy is not bestowed independently by the Lord to material persons suffering unlimitedly in samsara.  That is impossible.