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"Instructions for the week" are short selections from Srila Romapada Swami's lectures and writings which capture essential, inspirational messages for progressive spiritual development. These Instructions are especially personal, practical, and universal in their relevance to devotional aspirants, and they are intended to help remind, guide, and be applied by the reader/recipient.


"Balarama's regard or mood in relation to Krsna is servitude. In all cases, without exception, Balarama is in the mood of servitude. In fact, because Balarama is the first expansion of Krsna, then we can say that from Balarama that all other expansions come. The first Sankarsana, and then the catur-vyuha, and Lord Narayana, then the second catur-vyuha, then the purusa-avataras, all living entities and all empowerments that go to those living entities, and the issuing forth of the material creation from the body of Maha-Visnu, all expansions flow from Balarama.


"This [initiation] ceremony is not just some pageantry. It signifies freeing one from one's previous misdeeds, by this event of submission to guru and the holy name. But that ongoing ridding of one's heart of the seed-like conditions is the vigilant duty of the disciple. Therefore, in an ongoing way, to very carefully guard against the ten offenses while chanting the holy name is imperative, in order to actually experience the real success of chanting.


".....What is our qualification to carry Krsna's mercy? The idea of carrying the quality of mercy of Krsna is that we have been given the instruction to take this message of devotion and share it with others. Just give that impelling encouragement to others. Then one is connected to Krsna. By distributing Krsna's mercy, one receives Krsna's mercy. Even if you have Krsna's mercy to give, if you don't give it, you'll feel without it." .

-- Srila Romapada Swami 3/26/00, Chicago


"How does one get the favor of the Supreme Lord?Favor of the Supreme Lord means that He is particularly kindly disposed... A personality who was particularly bestowed some mercy because of his nice qualities was Narada. In his former life as the son of a maidservant, he received the association of the sages, or the bhakti-vedantas, while they were in residence at the inn where he and his mother were residing. He had the opportunity to serve those bhaktivedantas, and through that service rendered, the way that Narada conducted himself, they were pleased with him.

Devotional service

By the descending process of mercy, some attachment to serving Krsna comes. We develop a little attachment to serve Krsna; what follows behind that is: 'As I come before Krsna, how can I develop the quality that the Lord is pleased?


"It starts with hearing and chanting. If you really, really, really, REALLY want to be in Krsna-centeredness when you're in [your place of work or field of activity] you'll chant like you've never chanted before, every morning, that particular morning. Try it. 'My dear Lord Krsna, TODAY, not some time in the future, TODAY I want to be conscious of You throughout the day while [I'm performing my activities], and I've been instructed that calling with great feeling upon Your holy name... Because otherwise it's not possible.

4-Madhavevendra Puri.jpg

"Austerity is there in life as long as we have a body. Just existing in this world is an austerity. There are inconveniences just to sustain this body, just to drag on. Krsna says in Bhagavad-gita: yat karosi yad asnasi yaj juhosi dadasi yat yat tapasyasi kaunteya... Whatever austerities you perform, whatever acts you do, whatever charity that you give away should be done for Me. So this observing of Ekadasi is a very, very special day to awaken our inclination to do things for Krsna, to do whatever we do, for Krsna. This is a recommendation for everyone who wants to advance in Krsna consciousness.

Sanatana Goswami Chanting

"Regulation helps immensely to get one off the mental platform and stop wasting so much energy on considering 'should I do this, or should I...' Just, be thoughtful, establish some standard and stick to that." .

-- lecture on Bhag. 1.8.30-32, 3/13/00


"Prabhupada explains that through repeated hearing, chanting, worshiping, etc., people in general become elevated. The statement that Queen Kunti is making is that by this process one can see the lotus feet of the Lord. We can see the lotus feet of the Lord in the form of the Deity, but what is it that we are seeing. Srila Prabhupada is saying [in the purport] that it is not always that one can see the lotus feet of the Lord [eg. even when He was present on the battlefield of Kuruksetra not everyone was able to recognize Him as the Supreme Personality of Godhead].


"By glorifying the process of bhakti directly...one is also glorifying the object of devotion, or one is glorifying Krsna directly. Because bhakti is manifest by the internal potency of Krsna, and the internal potency is nondifferent from the Lord, so the Lord is being glorified."

-- Srila Romapada Swami, 3/13/00 IITD, Bhag. 1.8.33-41