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                                                                  Everyone likes to inquire. Srila Prabhupada writes, "The whole world is full of questions and answers. The birds, beasts and men are all busy in the matter of perpetual questions and answers...Although they go on making such questions and answers for their whole lives, they are not at all satisfied. Satisfaction of the soul can only be obtained by questions and answers on the subject of Krishna." -- Purport to Srimad Bhagavatam 1.2.5

                                                                  "Inquiries into the Absolute" is a wonderful opportunity provided by Srila Romapada Swami to help us fruitfully engage our propensity to inquire and seek answers. Please take advantage!

                                                                  For offline reading, please download all the digests in pdf format by clicking here.

                                                                  Q. It is said that spirit is very tiny invisible to the gross material eye! but for any person willing to do bhakti, he should first understand distinction between body and spirit! For a neophyte how is it possible to know about something(spirit) which is not visible to gross material senses! For the gross materialists won't this be an easy argument for atheism?

                                                                  Q. Please help me solve one of the mysteries that panic me often. I do wish to be in the service of the Supreme Lord. But I am often disturbed by the sufferings like poverty that exists in the world. Should we just leave all this saying that its the result of karma? And how do you preach a person, who is not getting even a meal a day, about Krishna ?

                                                                  Q. 1. Once a person is fortunate enough to hear about Lord Krishna and starts on spiritual path, does God help him to advance rapidly? I find many cases were people wishing to advance on spiritual path are suffering from their inability to control their sense? If one strongly wishes to take to lotus feet of Lord why doesn't God immediately help him control his senses?

                                                                  Q. I have very strong faith in Gaudiya Vaishnava philosophy. but I am scared that too much spiritual involvement will affect my material life unfavorably. What should be done?

                                                                  Q. 1. One point of confusion for me of late has been trying to understand the pastimes of Lord Rsabhadeva in the Fifth Canto of Srimad-Bhagavatam. Could you kindly explain to me what is the proper way to understand the pastimes of Lord Rsabhadeva?

                                                                  This question is very broad. Can you be more specific in what you would like to know about Lord Rsabhadeva?

                                                                  Q. 1. I have a confusion regarding whether bhakti can be spread freely among masses. Although Srila Prabhupada demonstrated practically, my doubt relates to observing the lives of simple minded villagers in the dham, who have a simple living and great dependency on guru and Lord. It is practically not possible for me to live such a simple, spiritual life (due to present obligations).

                                                                  Q. What are some facts that help people understand why Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead?

                                                                  Q. Srila Prabhupada said 'preaching is the essence', what does this mean? What are the qualifications of the preacher? Are performing nagar sankirtan and book distribution a kind of preaching? What are the levels in preaching?

                                                                  Q. 1. Why an aspirant is unable to approach Lord Krishna or his representative or a Sadhu or obtain a spiritual master even after they have spent time for the last 60 years of its life? This person is totally materially inclined, but occasionally turn to the Lord without any desires wholeheartedly.

                                                                  Q. 1. What is Karma?
                                                                  A. Every action has its equal or greater reaction - this is a simple definition of karma. Whatever activity we do, good or bad, brings us good or bad reactions. Due to good karma, one may get a beautiful body, become wealthy or very intelligent etc., and bad reactions may come in the form of disease, poverty etc., or in terms of heavenly enjoyment or hellish sufferings and so on.