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                                                                  Inquiries Into The Absolute is section where you can find the question posed by various people and its answers by HH Romapada Swami. Here you can find all the inquiries of your chosen category. Please click on other categories to find out more inquiries.

                                                                  Q: Tulasi Devi is a Jiva Tattva and is an individual like all living entities. How do we understand her manifestation into unlimited number of plants?
                                                                  Tulasi Devi is sakti-tattva.
                                                                  Encircling the Lord and worshiping Him were Nanda, Sunanda and His other personal attendants; Sanaka and the other Kumaras; Brahma, Rudra and other chief demigods; the nine chief brahmanas; and the best of the saintly devotees, headed by Prahlada, Narada and Uparicara Vasu. Each of these great personalities was worshiping the Lord by chanting sanctified words of praise in his own unique mood.

                                                                  Q: SB 3.12.23  points out that Vasistha was born out of the breathing of Lord Brahma.
                                                                  In the Ayodhya yatra, we heard that Vasistha was born from the combination of Varuna and Urvasi (as a result of his attraction).
                                                                  Is this attributed to kalpa-bheda that you have reiterated throughout the yatra?

                                                                  Q: Recently I have started questioning the value of human life, and life after the soul leaves physical body. Could you shed some light on these two related topics?

                                                                  Q: During the Ayodhya Yatra we heard that Vasistha destroyed all but one of the 100 sons of Visvamitra just by his mantra chanting (when Visvamitra had tried to drag Sabala away from Vasistha). Later it was mentioned that, for saving the life of Sunahsepa, Visvamitra requested his sons to sacrifice their life for Sunahsepa.

                                                                  Q: For some, Balarama’s age is a controversy. 1 year is mentioned in Brahma-vaivarta Purana, Krishna-janma-khanda 13.235.

                                                                  However, many Gaudiya vaisnavas say this contradicts other descriptions. Most acaryas seem to concur that the difference was just a few days.

                                                                  Q: In the Temple we are discussing SB Canto 3 which touched on the subject of the world being under one flag. I was shown a flag with Hanuman on it and we were told we will be under one flag again. I don’t understand. Could you explain this to me?

                                                                  Q: From Science Of Self Realization book, below paragraph convinced me of why we should surrender and go Back to Krishna

                                                                  “The beginning of our present material life cannot be traced, nor is it necessary for us to know how we became conditioned in material existence. We have to be satisfied with the understanding that somehow or other this material life has been going on since time immemorial and now our duty is to surrender unto the Supreme Lord, who is the original cause of all causes”

                                                                  But From BG 8.3  in the last paragraph of the Purport it says

                                                                  Q: Recently, I had a nice debate with one of my close devotee friends here in the Boston temple over the position on our home altar of a photo of Sri Yasoda-Damodara relative to the position on the same altar of a photo of Lakshmi Devi – the eternal consort of Lord Narayana. This led to the following questions which I will be very grateful to get answers for.

                                                                  Q: Lately I read the part of Mahabharata when Draupadi talked to Satyabama how she served her five husbands. She said she was the first to rise from bed and the last to take rest. She would never enjoy anything her husbands didn’t enjoy, nor would she perform any act disagreeable to them, among many others. I feel ashamed when thinking of her sacrifice and virtue. So what is an ideal wife like in this Kali yuga? How can we make the best of our role as a wife in this life?

                                                                  Please refer to Digest 299

                                                                  Q: I was listening to a Sunday class wherein the speaker said that in the spiritual world, everyone is individually associating with Lord Krishna as servant, friend, parent etc.
                                                                  I was wondering does Krishna expand individually to associate with each and every living entity? For example, there could be millions of living entities in the mood of parent in Goloka. Does Krishna expand himself as a kid in each of the million households? Does he expand for each entity in the other rasas also or he is just one and millions of living entities are crowding to serve him?